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As first time parents, going to a baby store or even looking online for something for a baby is mind boggling.  There are so many products for so many different things, where some work and some, simply, don’t.  Going to a store is even worse.  You will buy anything to help your little one!  Because it looks good and says it will do this or do that, you will buy it without hesitating. I think that is why this is a multi billion dollar industry….. Our son in 9 months old right now, but I can guarantee you we have several hundred dollars of product we didn’t need to buy or should have researched before purchasing!!


Anyways, one thing that hit me was about the baby mobiles or projectors or soothers.  I think these are great products.  I have only purchased one projector, but if I knew what was out there and what they could do, I am sure I wouldn’t have bought that one….but for the price, it is a great deal.


Many of the projectors have several images you can change out, some of the newer projectors images actually rotate, some are easily portable, there are remote controlled projectors and of course many different sounds and lullabies.


So, to make the long story short, I have attempted to put as much information on this site about baby projectors, because I believe it could be a benefit to all the readers and new parents out there.

Let me know what you think.




This is an affiliate site.  Meaning, that if you click on the links on my site that will take you to Amazon or somewhere else and purchase something, it will give me a small commission.  The price is the same for you, but will give me a small commission from that.  Trust me, it is very small, but I hope it could be enough to pay the hosting on this site, as I think the information is important and beneficial.